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This web page is a provisional, even an emergency project, established in the wake of the tragic and awful events of Ninth month (September) 11, 2001. It is a revision of a page originally prepared to respond to the Kosovo War.  That page is here.

The main focus of this page will be to present material related to the Quaker peace testimony: its background, its history, dilemmas, and the challenges it faces in the current situation.

This page is a unofficial Quaker endeavor, based on the conviction that God's will is to eliminate war as a human institution, to end specific wars as soon as possible, and to repair the damage of wars without partiality.

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A description of the origins and emergence of the peace testimony is in this essay by historian H. Larry Ingle, author of First Among Friends, the standard biography of George Fox.
For an overview of the Peace testimony today, this essay by Chel Avery is the best I know of.

An effort to tease out some of the tensions and dilemmas in the testimony is made in this piece, first written during the Kosovo war of 1999: 

Some Quaker Reflections on the Kosovo War, by Chuck Fager

For some EARLY Quaker statements about war and peace witness, click here.

For some CONTEMPORARY Quaker statements and dialogues about war and peace, click here.
These collections will expand as new material comes in.

Secular Anti-pacifism: it comes with the territory.
Read some examples of it Here.

For information about Quakers, (officially called the Religious Society of Friends), click here.

You can help make this page more useful.  Send me the following kinds of information:

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Significant reports, excerpts and summaries will be posted here as they become available.  My hope is to promote discussion and networking among those actively concerned for peace.
Check in frequently to see what updated information is available.

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